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Saturday, November 19, 2005

My answer about the Interview with a university student

What is he studying?
He is studying Building Construction Management at UTS.

What year is he doing?
He is doing his final year and his fourth year.

What subjects has he done?
He has done a bit of everything early, a bit Architecture, Engineering ...lots of subject and everything to do with construction industry.

What subjects has he enjoyed the most?
Maybe the Structural Engineering and Architecture subjects.

Is the course a practical course?
A bit of really and a bit of mix.

Has he done any subjects from other degrees?
Law subjects.

Has he got any plans to continue studying?
In the future he is not really sure. At moment he not get into industry and experience many diffrent parts of jobs to see you what's he likes.

What are his plans for when he finishes uni?
He doesn't know. Maybe he'll go to the beach if it is good weather and he'd like to go overseas to Europe to travel a bit see couple of his friends over there.


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